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Join our Committee!

We are a student-run and student-initiated committee which works towards celebrating and honoring graduating Chicanx and Latinx students. Our goal is to provide a culturally empowering graduation which includes both English and Spanish speakers. We provide performances which represent historical traditions from various parts of the Americas. 

Our ceremony and activities are open to all graduating undergraduates, graduates, Doctoral, and JD graduates. Although the event is geared towards Chicanx and Latinx students, participation is not limited by national origin, ethnic background, or area of study. Join us in the planning of this years ceremony!

Participating in any of our committees counts towards our community service graduation requirement!

Every Monday at 6pm via Zoom

Our 5 Sub-Committees

Grad Packs Committee


Funding Committee


Social Media Committee


Community Hours Committee


Logistics & Entertainment

  • Help find items that would go in the grad packs 

    • stickers, apparel, keychains etc

  • Collaborate on the design for the official Latinx grad ceremony sashes 

  • Help incorporate the theme into the items of the grad pack 

  • Help plan the logistics for the distribution of the grad packs (shipping if needed)

  • Researches all possible funding for the commencement ceremony

  • Work on funding apps as the deadlines approach ​

  • Keeps track and manage funds received

  • Prepares pitches to present before the funding committees 

  • Collaborates with Tri-Chairs to create a budget

  • Collaborates with all other committees so they have a clear understanding of their individual budgets

  • Help plan the layout of the Latinx Grad socials 

    • vía Canva, Photoshop etc

  • Construct the forms for senior spotlight and manage the posting schedule 

  • Post any Grad updates and hype up other relevant graduations events, grad ceremony countdown 

  • Expand on other Social Media Platforms

    • Potentially create and manage a Twitter, Facebook page

  • Create creative content that is relevant to our mission, history and the concept of “graduating college” etc

    • For example in 2019 the social media committee create videos asking seniors what graduating meant to them

  • Create and manage the community service events list 

  • Ensure that some of the community service opportunities are online so that completing this requirement is accessible to all students 

  • Create a Petition form

  • Students can petition community service events to count as their hours

  • Go over and approve/deny petitions during your committee times with your committee

  • Build relationships with other orgs for events you can count as hrs

  • Create a spreadsheet which keeps track of all community service hours completed 

  • Make it accessible for students to see their hours tracked

  • Help coordinate:

    • student speakers

    • keynote speakers

    • danza 

  • entertainment

    • danza Azteca, grupo folklórico, poets, singer, dancers, bandas etc

  • Help find celebrities and local role models for a congratulatory message to be presented at graduation 

  • Assist the Tri-Chairs in creating a program timeline for graduation ceremony day of

  • This will include a minute by minute transition of all components: dancer, guest speakers etc

  • In charge of all decoration 

  • Instagram


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