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In 1972, a small group of Latinx students walked out of their Letters and Science commencement ceremony in response to the lack of cultural relevance, the English-only environment that did not allow for their families to understand, and the limited amount of tickets that prevented all of their family members to attend.
Since 1973, Latinx Graduation (previously known as Raza Graduation) has provided a culturally empowering ceremony including English and Spanish speakers and performances representing historical traditions from various parts of the Americas.

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UCLA's Latinx Graduation is a student-initiated and student-run graduation ceremony that celebrates and honors the hard work of Chicanx and Latinx graduating students, their families, and their communities. Furthermore, it aims to inspire graduates to continue to pursue higher education and to apply the knowledge gained for the betterment of our communities.
The graduation is open to all undergraduate and post-graduate students who value the access to higher education and retention of our communities. Although the graduation celebrates Chicanxs and Latinxs, participation is not limited by area of study, ethnic background, or national origin. We aim to create an inclusive space that celebrates our intersectional identities while cultivating a sense of unity.

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