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Attendee Accommodations:


There are no ADA graduation tickets. There are just tickets. ADA guests and their families can enter through the northeast door at Pauley that is specifically for ADA guests and their families but they can enter from any door if they like. They don't have to use the northeast door. However, we we would just suspect the line for that door would be shorter. 



There are platforms inside Pauley where ADA guests can sit and they are provided one chair for their companion. The rest of the guests can sit in the reserved two rows in front of the platform that are held for the ADA guest families. Even though they are reserved these are first come first serve seats, so we cant guarantee they will get all the seats they need together.


If someone is being dropped off in an ADA van the P7 height clearance is 8'2". If the van wants to park and is less than that height it can do so in P7 in an ADA space or regular parking space. If parking in an ADA space you must have a handicap placard and you still need to pay for the parking space. If just dropping off they should drop off at Gateway Plaza at the turn around at the end of Westwood Plaza (see map ADA van drop off Map).


Student    Ceremony Accommodations Requests:

Please be aware that our commencement ceremony will require graduates to stand for some period of time before walking into Pauley Pavilion and when they are walking to the stage before their name calling and crossing of the stage. Note that Pauley Pavilion does have accessible entrances. Degree candidates with disabilities, who need accommodations to participate in our ceremony, are asked to fill out the accommodation request form below ensure proper arrangements are made prior to the ceremony.

*Same parking information as attendees would apply*

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