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MEChA de UCLA 48th Annual Latinx Graduation Ceremony 2021

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2021 Latinx Graduation Slideshow

The 48th Annual Latinx Graduation aims to celebrate, honor, and empower graduating Chicanx and Latinx students from all backgrounds, along with their families and communities, in a way that centers on their specific experiences at UCLA.

2021 Latinx Graduation Livestream

Our celebration is grounded in the values and in honor of the Latinx students who walked out of their graduation ceremony in 1973 in response to the lack of cultural relevance and the English-only environment that did not allow for their families to understand. This was as an act of protest, in efforts to continue making space for graduating Chicanx and Latinx students at UCLA. We are proud to be here today, almost half a century later as the biggest student-initiated graduation, hoping to continue honoring our community and their accomplishments.


2021 Latinx Graduation Ceremony Committee


Huge thank you to our wonderful chairs and committee for making this graduation possible.

Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated!

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